Personal Training In Surrey

Every journey begins with a single step take your first step now and  and consultation today to start your journey.

Each client receives a completely complimentary, no-obligation taster session when they contact SURREYPT.  This gives you the chance to meet one of our expert Surrey personal trainers and decide if it is right for you. Our trainers are friendly, personable and know exactly how to help you achieve the results you want. Through our personal training service you will receive the continued support and motivation of a fitness professional and they will also give you advice on nutrition, workout plans to follow between sessions and help you assess your overall lifestyle. Our incredible Surrey personal trainers will guide you through each step of your workout to show you how to complete exercises efficiently, effectively and safely.

Long gone are the days of struggling to make a gym class on time or lacking the motivation to roll out of bed on a cold morning. Our personal trainers are all completely mobile which means

  • 1. They can meet you at your home or in a local park in Surrey
  • 2. Our trainers will bring all the fitness equipment required for that particular session
  • 3. We let you control the number of fitness sessions per week and the times of those sessions, so that you have complete flexibility.
  • 4. Our trainers can meet you as early as 6am to as late as 9pm, seven days a week.

Book in for a completely free first session to understand exactly how effective and hassle-free personal training is. It also gives you the opportunity to ask one of our expert Surrey personal trainers any burning questions you might have about your own personal health and fitness needs.

  •  Train in the privacy and comfort of your home
  •  Train as early as 6am to as late as 10pm, seven days a week
  •  Start seeing and feeling amazing results from the first session
  •  Receive free nutritional advice and diet plans
  •  Never set foot inside a gym again